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Now Accepting Applications!


Now Accepting Applications For

Women & Gender Expansive

Woodshop Residency


Mixxer Community Makerspace is currently inviting women to apply for the Woodshop Artist in Residence Program. This program is designed to be a transformative journey for someone with an interest in learning woodworking who has limited to no experience in the practice. This program aims to elevate the artistry of two women's woodworking while fostering a supportive community that celebrates educating those who have historically been discouraged from the craft. The goal of this program is to contribute to the broadening of skills for women and gender expansive people and the building of a community that fosters inclusivity in woodworking locally.

The program provides the training, time, space, and support needed for the artist to learn, work on their skills, and help us produce onsite activations as well as lead learning experiences for women and gender expansive people in the woodshop.

As an artist in residence, you'll play a pivotal role in shaping the cultural landscape of our woodshop, guiding participants through immersive workshops and collaborative projects. Through your growing expertise and passion, you'll help inspire a new generation of women and gender expansive woodworkers to push boundaries and explore the possibilities of the craft.

This program provided through a grant from The Women's Fund of Winston-Salem.

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Trans and Cis women with little to no experience but who have a sincere interest in learning woodworking for the purpose of sharing their new skill, creating their own and community projects as well as exploring the craft in a community setting.



  • Full Membership to Mixxer which includes tool training throughout all of Mixxer’s shops 

  • Instructor training in the woodshop to a level where you are comfortable conducting sessions on your own

  • Time and space to practice, hone your skills and create

  • One-on-one support from Executive Director, Operations Director and staff 

  • Opportunities to display and vend any goods produced

  • Introductions to other artists, craftspersons and organizations you would like to meet to expand your practice

  • Promotional support (press releases for residency, social media promotion, etc) 



This creative opportunity is also about giving back to the community. 

Requirements include: 

  • Dedicate time weekly to learning woodworking and practicing the craft

  • Learning with the intent to lead 2 workshops per month

  • Helping to build a community of women and gender expansive woodworkers

  • Creating projects to enhance the facility, either for display or use in the community

  • Giving talks/creating videos discussing the residency journey for the purpose of promoting the women & gender expansive woodworking community at Mixxer 

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