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We think we're pretty great - but don't just take it from us!  Take a look at what others have to say!  From DIY bloggers to university publications, city guides to newspapers, and everyone in between - we've received a lot of thoughts.  So don't just listen to us when we say Mixxer is the place to be.  We'll let the community speak for themselves.


Mixxer hosts their annual night of fire.

WS Mixxer Makerspace - Why we love it!

Visit Winston Salem and its various attractions!

The most comprehensive listing of summer camps in Winston Salem.

The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Winston Salem is an ever-growing network of opportunities.

North Carolina's subculture of tinkerers, hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts finds a home in nonprofit makerspaces.

We make it easy to make a difference!


Exciting summer learning for students in STEAM

STEAM Experiences summer learning with Mixxer Community Makerspace.

15 & Under the Full Story: Mixxer

Mixxer community makerspace hosts introduction to rocketry summer learning program

Fellowship at Mixxer Makerspace brings local artist full circle within his community

Honors arts students from John F. Kennedy High School tour Mixxer Makerspace.


Mixxer's "Night of Fire" brings iron casting to the curious.

DIY anything you can dream of at Mixxer Community Makerspace!

Winston-Salem makerspace making face shields for Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

Institute for Emerging Issues. Mixxer Community Makerspace

- Reconnect to community

Mixxer in Winston-Salem gives creative minds the tools they need to create

Making Space: Growing the Maker Movement in Winston Salem

How to get creative at Mixxer Makerspace.

Mixxer community makerspace. Make stuff! Learn stuff!

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