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Ensuring Every Child in our Community has

Access to Valuable STEAM Education Experiences

Ray & Lynn Clarke
Steam Scholarship Fund 

The Clarke family STEAM Scholarship fund will allow for the vital expansion of Mixxer’s highly successful Youth STEAM programs. It will enable Mixxer to increase its targeted outreach to families in our community with the greatest financial need by bringing on-site STEAM programming to youth who participate in activities with established local organizations. Mixxer is already working to address these requests for partnership made by area churches and recreation centers, and with the support of The Clarke STEAM Scholarship Fund, we plan to offer this programming throughout the calendar year.

Contributions support:

  • On and off site STEAM programs including Drones, Rocketry, Coding, Design, and 3D modeling and others.

  • The latest technology and equipment

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Scholarship Impact

By providing financial support and breaking down barriers, these programs open doors to valuable learning experiences, skill development, confidence building, and long-term opportunities in STEAM fields to all of the children in our community.

"This is the first camp my boys have been to that they both love!"

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- Linsey

Mixxer's 3-Phase approach to Steam Education includes Spark Summer Steam Camps, delivered both on and off site in short programs of 3-5 days.  Designed to 

Spark Summer Steam Camps, delivered both on-site and off site in short summer programs of 3-5 days.  Designed to introduce new fields and concepts and introduce participants to life changing paths of learning.

Ignite After School Programs, delivered both on-site and off site allow for a deeper dive into opportunities.  Designed to continue learning in a setting that offers the tools and facilitators many participants wouldn't normally have access to otherwise.

Inferno Open Labs offer personal development experiences beyond the classroom.  This ultimate learning experience offers a long-term hands-on approach to creativity, problem solving and creativity fostering a deeper understanding of complex concepts through independent, supported exploration.


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